First In-office Kyphoplasty in the U.S. with Mazor Robotics Technology
The kyphoplasty was performed in CMD’s ambulatory surgical suite and the patient was sent home three hours after the procedure.

ORLANDO, FL – November 15, 2016 – Earlier this month, Dr. Vagmin Vora, assisted by Drs. Lewin, Grossman and PA Issac Abramchayev, performed the first office-based kyphoplasty with Mazor Robotics technology in the U.S. at The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders. The procedure did not require the patient to be intubated and she was able to go home within three hours. CMD, located in Englewood, NJ, is a joint private practice including The Center for Spinal Disorders, The Center for Hand Disorders and The Center for Pain Management.


“Mazor Robotics technology has opened up a new vista by enabling spine surgery to be performed with exceptional accuracy and precision in an ambulatory surgery setting,” said Dr. Vora.

Kyphoplasty is generally performed to treat a spinal fracture through stabilization of the bone. In this case, the precise guidance of the Mazor Robotics Renaissance® system was used to create a micro incision in the patient’s back. A narrow tube was inserted to create a path to the fractured area and a balloon-type device was inflated through the tube to restore the height of the vertebrae, followed by the insertion of the cement.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Leon Shapiro provided sedation to the patient and commented, “We were able to maintain a motionless patient throughout the entire procedure without administering any narcotic medication.”

About The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (CMD)

The Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (CMD) is a formalized joint practice including The Center for Spinal Disorders, The Center for Hand Disorders and The Center for Pain Management. Since the three centers have long worked together to provide cohesive care to the community, our newly integrated practice will continue our steadfast servitude to our patients. Our specialty-trained physicians and staff share the common philosophy of highly personalized care. We stress non-surgical solutions whenever possible and use cutting-edge medical and surgical techniques to customize advanced treatments for our patients’ needs.

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