First Procedure Utilizing Mazor Robotics Technology to Guide Laser Ablation to Treat Epilepsy

ORLANDO, Fla. – July 26, 2017 – Mazor Robotics announced today the first use of its precision guidance system for an innovative application to treat epilepsy. Dr. Casey Halpern, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine, used a Mazor Robotics Renaissance guidance system and an MRI controlled laser ablation neurosurgery system to treat a patient suffering from epilepsy. The Mazor Robotics system was used for the trajectory planning and applicator guidance. The laser system was combined with MRI for thermal control of the ablation process. The end result was a minimally invasive surgery that was performed quickly and successfully.

“We strive for surgical predictability through innovation, to achieve treatment efficacy and safety for patients,” noted Christopher Prentice, Chief Commercial Officer of Mazor Robotics. “Pinpointing the laser using Mazor Robotics’ guidance system may maximize the therapeutic potential of these two technologies for epilepsy patients. Moreover, Mazor’s head-mounting of the guidance unit combines the stability and accuracy of a bone-mounted set-up with the flexibility and tolerability of frameless systems, which enhances the patient’s tolerance of the procedure. The guidance system may also reduce or eliminate the need for the surgeon to make multiple intraoperative manual parameter settings, calibrations, and adjustments.” 


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